Animal Welfare Society
of Howard County, Maryland
A non-profit agency serving the citizens and animals of Howard County
8556 Davis Road, Columbia, Maryland 21045  410.465.4350   Fax: 410.480.4316

Adoptions, veterinary services, and much more!
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Animals love us! So will you!

We cater to four-legged friends like no one else. We treat them like family. We've built our reputation on providing the most extensive list of low cost adoption and medical services available. 

It's not a business, it's a lifestyle

We're crazy about animals: big ones, small ones, even ones with an attitude. That's why we opened our doors over 60 years ago--to humbly serve the citizens and animals of Howard County and the region. When you come to pick up or drop off your pet, you'll see us in our element.

Give us a challenge!

Our team of experts is ready for anything. Ill-tempered, bite-happy, and downright ornery animals are welcome. Bad matting? Case of the mange? Bring it on. Maybe your pet has been banned at other vets or you can't afford their services. Not here. When we're finished, they'll be as happy as you are.

We want to see you

Don't wait another minute. Call for an appointment or to find out more information. We're conveniently located and look forward to seeing you soon!  You can also visit us on Facebook!

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Don't wait any longer - come in and meet our dogs and cats.

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Yes, we can do that!

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Meet the best-trained team in the business.
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